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1988Dark MovesGreetje Bijma KwintetBV Haast
1987Tam Tam FanfareTam Tam FanfareSwingmaster
1986AmycamusGreetje Bijma KwintetBV Haast
1986Shopping AroundNoodbandSwingmaster
1982ShiverNoodbandMoers Music
1980New BluesAlan Laurillard QuartetKloet Music
19765 x 6Herbert Noord 5Cat Jazz
2021Dancing OutsideJerkstation9Linkbeat 2101
2014 Blue SqueaksJerkstation 8Linkbeat 1401
2013On the OneJerkstation 7Linkbeat 1301
2012Around Ze WorldJerkstation 6Linkbeat 1201
2011Beat CityJerkstation 5Linkbeat 1101
2010Radio 100Jerkstation 4Linkbeat 10002
2010SolarizedJerkstation 3Linkbeat 1001
2009Squeak CityJerkstation 2Link Beat 09 01
2008It's Dark Up ThereUp ThereLink Beat 08 01
2004Fresh CrewFresh CrewLink Beat 04 02
2004Gotta Crash on YouGoing DownTry Tone TT559027
2004Voice OverJerkstationLink Beat 04 01
2003It Make You HealthyAlivoLink Beat 03 01
2002Take a Deep BreathGoing DownTry Tone TT559015
200216 EilandenJerkstation 1Link Beat 02 01
2000Race Till DeathRed FogLink Beat 02 03
2000Mental DiveKrutzen & JerkLink Beat 02 02
1997BaitSeafoodLink Beat 97 01
1996Push ItUp There TrioBV haast
1991Tales of a VoiceGreetje Bijma KwintetEnja Records
- on all LP's and CD's composer, musical director and musician -
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